Are you starting from scratch and you want to see your novel through to the end? 

Then you might be right for the Whole Package deal. We don't recommend this service for those authors who are only dipping their toes in the publishing water. You have to be absolutely dedicated to the process from start to finish, with a clear goal in mind to have a published novel available for your audience within six months.

This is what we will do:

1) Assess the feasibility of your novel idea and complete thorough research into the current market, forecasting your potential success in your chosen genre and topic.

2) Outline your novel and then mentor you through the process of bringing your idea to life and making it accessible to your target audience.

3) Provide you an editor (someone different from your mentor), and comb through your novel, polishing it and ensuring it is ready for publishing.

4) Format the book for you so that it is ready to be shown to publishers. Or, if you choose the self-publishing route, we will format it so it can be sold on Amazon, iBooks and other choice websites.

*Prices cannot be tabled. Please contact The Author's Hand and we can work with you on a fair and affordable quote.

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