As a self-published author, you must take on all the different roles of a traditional publisher. For me, the Author’s Hand was a godsend, helping me navigate through the editing process and beyond. Professional, timely, and equipped with years of experience, Dustin’s commitment to excellence took my book to the next level.
You need an editor for your book’s quality control. With Dustin and the Author’s Hand, you’re getting that, but you are getting so much more. I’ll be using his services on all my future releases.

Being a first-time author, I needed someone who could expertly guide me along the process of proofreading, formatting and self-publishing. Having contacted many companies and unsure of whether they could really attend to my needs, I finally found the Author’s Hand, and they’ve been brilliant from start to finish.

Dustin was very reassuring and gently guided me along the whole process. Extremely punctual and highly professional, he proofread, edited and gave me valuable suggestions and advice which helped improve the overall strength and structure of the book tremendously.

As a relatively green author, I was given the opportunity to contribute a short novel to an anthology containing some of the biggest names in inspirational mystery and suspense. As excited as I was to be rubbing shoulders with authors I really respect, I was also nervous that my work wouldn’t be up to par.

The Author’s Hand was exactly the service I needed and more. Dustin worked with me to fully edit my piece from content to word flow. I was very impressed with his genuine desire to help me craft the best version of my story possible. Along with his constructive suggestions, he also made sure to add in words of encouragement, which any writer knows are worth their weight in gold! Thank you to Dustin and The Author’s Hand for helping me realize the vision I had for my novel.

Shirley at the Author’s Hand was an excellent editor and proved instrumental with the finishing touches of my book. Her developmental edits were insightful, she exposed weaknesses in my story, and gave insightful suggestions on ways to improve the scenes. Her copy editing was thorough and I have complete confidence in her work. I look forward to working with the Author’s Hand on my next book!

In my long writing journey, finding Dustin and The Author’s Hand made my work grow at an extraordinary speed and depth. I have learned so much from him on plot, character development, as well as seeing new possibilities with my writing. He has been instrumental in world-building so that the series now has a richness that I never would have created without his help.

He is very honest, which is what I needed from an editor. He tells me what’s great and what to ditch, and he’s almost always right. My highest recommendation.

Dustin is to the editing world what Jordan was to basketball. If I could have a line of literary shoes designed for him, I would - and they would enable him to walk on water and change water to whiskey.

The Author’s Hand read my manuscript and had it edited in 24 hours, then helped me get it up on Amazon within a fortnight. Watching Dustin work within the world or words and publishing was like watching Moses part the seas just to deliver a book to the other side - on a Monday. He’s smart, honest, efficient and dedicated. I have found the Gandalf the Grey of editing and it is The Author’s Hand.

I cannot overstate the help that The Author’s Hand was in bringing my story from a jumbled mass of words to the crisp, fast-paced Action-Fantasy that it has become. This was my first time publishing in fiction, so having an experienced mentor was invaluable. The Author’s Hand was there with me every step of the way, from developmental editing to marketing.

The responsiveness and quality of interactions was unparalleled. Each time I sent a new set of chapters, an email would magically appear (faster than should have been humanly possible) filled with constructive feedback and supportive encouragement. Open and honest feedback from experienced mentors like this is what makes us better writers. I would recommend The Author’s Hand to anyone.

I always wanted to write a novel. I even had the infamous ‘shitty first draft’ on my laptop. But it wasn’t good enough and I didn’t know how to improve it.

Enter Dustin and The Author’s Hand’s Mentorship program, which supported me throughout my journey from outlining to editing. With Dustin’s expert help and guidance, I was able to write, edit and self-publish my debut novel in two months! I couldn’t be happier and would recommend The Author’s Hand to any budding author out there. I learned so much and am eternally grateful.

I wouldn’t be published today if it wasn’t for Dustin and The Author’s Hand. I doubted I’d ever find any editor that could see my vision and fully embrace my sense of humour, but Dustin did more than that. He not only got it but he made it BETTER.

Dustin made a daunting process a fun and exciting experience. If I didn’t have him, my book would still be sitting in Microsoft Word, doing a whole lot of nothing. I could not recommend The Author’s Hand enough!