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Writing your first novel? Let us give you a helping hand!

For years now, our team has been making a living in the writing industry, ghostwriting for clients, publishing our own novels and short stories, and editing/proofreading work for a variety of clients. 

However, none of us can forget how frustrating it was to publish that first book. For some of us, it took years to put out our work, and more often than not, that first novel sinks before it even gets a chance to swim. Just take a look at the millions of floundering novels on Amazon that never see any amount of success.

Still, the reality is even more bleak than that. Most aspiring authors never even reach the point of publication. Inspiration dies, the words run out, the support from friends and family dries up, and it can be difficult to push through.

Our mission is to change that trend. No one else does what we do. 

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The Author's Hand will coach you, mentor you, and improve your writing, getting your first novel to publication in just a few short months. We will be the inspiration and the partner that you need to fulfill that lifelong dream of becoming a writer, and we will work with you to release a book:

  • That you will be proud of
  • That is in line with your vision
  • That will sell

And the best news? We're as effective as we are affordable. We're not looking to create any starving artists, because we've all been there and it's not a cycle we'd like repeated. We want our clients to succeed, because that means good press for us, and, more importantly, the satisfaction of filling the world with expertly-written, well-thought-out novels.

We'll be as committed to you as anyone in the industry. When no one else wants to lend you a helping hand, we'll be there with you every step of the way.

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