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We are more than just a team of professional editors. Working with us is an invite to become a part of a unique and exclusive collective of fellow authors that will support you as you progress in your creative career as a writer.

This is what separates us from other companies:

  • You will become a part of the Author’s Hand Community

  • We will provide you with a successful marketing strategy

  • You will be invited to write for our Short Story Compilation novels

  • Your book will have the look and feel of a traditionally published book without the downside of losing your profits

  • You will be featured inside the back cover of future Author’s Hand books with a direct link to your Amazon page (ie: the For Further Reading page)

  • You will receive reviews and sales from our community, as well as book blurbs for your cover

  • We will market your book on our growing social media platforms

In short, you’ll receive the support of a publishing company without the added cost of losing the sales revenue from your book. This is the future of the self-publishing industry, and if you’re serious about becoming a published author, we want you to become a part of that future.

We’re selling you the satisfaction and state of calm that comes with knowing that there is nothing you can do to make your novel better. Because our goal is the success of your book, and anything else is a failure.


(aka: Developmental Editing)

Line editing is the big picture edit. We’re not digging into the nuts and bolts, we’re tearing apart the factory and putting it back together again, better than before.

With your intended audience in mind, we address:

  • the vision of your novel

  • the chapter by chapter structure of your novel

  • the characterization in your novel

  • plot and scene by scene pacing

  • sloppy wording and paragraphs

  • overused words and phrases


(and Proofreading)

The copyedit is the final stage before publishing, and ensures your manuscript is in accordance to the rules found in the Chicago Manual of Style. It’s the polish that your novel needs to separate itself from the competition.

Our copyediter will ensure:

  • proper grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • consistency throughout your manuscript

  • proper tenses (past/present/future) throughout your manuscript

  • correct spacing, font and formatting to get your manuscript ready for publication


Type Description Price
Copy-editing Grammar / Spelling / Punctuation$0.018 / word
Line-editingStyle / Flow / Consistency$0.020 / word

Please Note:

  • The Author's Hand's work is GUARANTEED. Your satisfaction or your money back.

  • If the manuscript requires heavy correction, the $/word may require a special fee.

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