If you have completed your novel and do not wish to have a professional Assessment made by our team, then you can move right on to the editing and proofreading stage.

This is what we will do:

1) A full line-edit. With your intended audience in mind, we will address the structure of your novel, the language that you use to communicate your story to the reader, clean up sloppy wording and paragraphs, and locate and destroy overused words, phrases and unneeded material. 

2) And/OR a full copy-edit. We will dig through your manuscript, line by line, and clean the book up to a best-seller standard.

3) Format the book for you so that it is ready to be shown to publishers. Or, if you choose the self-publishing route, we will format it so it can be sold on Amazon, iBooks and other choice websites.

For a in-depth description on what we provide with the different editing and proofreading services, view our blog post Line Editing, Copy Editing & Proofreading: The Difference

Our job isn't complete until you're satisfied with the work. Set yourself apart from the thousands of authors who have their untrained friends and family editing their work for them, and get a professional from the Author's Hand to give you a leg up on the competition. 


Type Description Price
Copy-editing Grammar / Spelling / Punctuation$0.015 / word
Line-editingStyle / Flow / Consistency$0.018 / word
ProofreadingPreparing work for Publication$0.014 / word

Please Note:

  • If you are unsure of the difference between the different types of editing, please view our blog post for detailed information.

  • The Author's Hand's work is guaranteed.

  • If the manuscript requires heavy correction, the $/word may require a special fee.


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